Wideyed is a North-East-based photographic arts collective founded in 2008. Committed to developing innovative and creative approaches to collaboration, the group engages with artists and communities on local, national, and international levels, delivering arts projects that work with and engage diverse audiences.

Led by Louise Taylor and Nat Wilkins, along with guest collaborators, Wideyed’s ethos supports the development of meaningful socially engaged work combined with artistic excellence, connecting directly with communities through public-facing events, exhibitions, installations, and publications.

Members have played active roles in photography festivals, received awards and bursaries, worked on commissions, and exhibited from Wolsingham to Wyoming. With established links to key photography networks such as Redeye, Grain, NEPN, and SEPN, Wideyed is actively involved in the broader photographic conversation.

Recent work such as Agri[culture], Showstoppers, Home Time, HandWorked, and Radical Recipes demonstrates the breadth of our experience in delivering arts projects that explore a wide range of themes and engage the community through photography.

As Wideyed continues to evolve, the collective is committed to pushing the boundaries of photographic storytelling. Whether sparking conversations, challenging perceptions, or inspiring action, Wideyed is dedicated to harnessing photography as a catalyst for positive change, and contributing to the cultural landscape.