At agricultural shows people compete for prizes by presenting their very best animals, produce and photos in competition. In 2020, due to COVID-19, these events were cancelled across the country meaning that our communities missed their annual opportunities to show off the results of their hard work. The sheer variety of classes usually available to enter demonstrates the longstanding inclusivity of these events. An opportunity for everyone in the community, young or old, rural or urban, to share their pastimes and passions for all to see – whether that is creative writing, needlework, walking stick carving or livestock breeding.

SHOWSTOPPERS, was an invite to those who would have normally attended and entered the agricultural shows, to enter their best photographs of their best entries instead. This exhibition intended, in a small way, to mark the fallow year for our agricultural shows, and continue our local traditions of making, creating and showing off the results of our passions and pastimes in friendly competition.

In true agricultural show fashion, all 370 entries were available to see so the public could decide for themselves if our judges made the right call!

Thanks must go to –

Our exhibitors; All those, aged from 3 upwards, who entered their photographs in the competition.

Our Crowdfunder supporters; Joanne Bainbridge, Lindsay Baxter, Debbie Bragg, Tessa Bunney, John Duder, Aimee Elliot-Ward, Julie Garratt, Mark Howat, Hannah Hunter, Carl Joyce, Julia Marshall, Ed Merlin Murray, Ros Ronaldson, Emma Rose, Rowan, Joyce Simpson, Alex Swan, Chris Sykes, Lynn Taylor, Heather Throup, Idle Torque, Sam Ward-Hardy, Helen Ward, Rob Watson, Brendon Wilkins, Tabitha Wilkins, Theodore Wilkins and David Wraith.

Showstoppers was funded by Northern Heartlands via Arts Council England’s COVID Emergency Response Fund, and DCC Arts and Culture grant via County Durham Community Foundation, and supported by Wolsingham Show, Wolsingham Parish Council, Eggleston Show, The Moorcock Inn, Allendale Show and Allendale Parish Council.