In Vino Veritas

Since ancient times, it’s been considered that wine reliably reveals a person’s character. For experimental natural wine producer François Blanchard, in vino veritas means remaining true to the character of the grape, respecting the integrity of this very complex fruit and skilfully drawing out its subtle aromas.

Each year the grapes are picked and pressed by hand and foot. The harvest is labour intensive, but also a festive event, with families, friends, musicians and artists from all around France and beyond coming together to make and celebrate wine.

Lucy Carolan, Richard Glynn and Louise Taylor took part in the 2010 and 2011 harvests as artists-in-residence at the Blanchard domaine of Château du Perron in the Touraine region of France. Their responses to the wine and way of life they experienced there have matured into In Vino Veritas, their first collective show in the UK.

The exhibition was first shown at ArtHouse in London from 25th April – 6th May 2012. Later that year it toured to Espace Beaujon in Paris for Mois de la Photo-OFF from 16th – 30th November 2012. An installation of this work featured at the Truman Brewery, London for RAW wine fair in 2013.

For information about the newsprint publication made to accompany the exhibition see here.