Foreign Bodies

Foreign Bodies was conceived for international arts residency Nomadic Village. Taking place from 21st May to 3rd June 2012 in Wolsingham, County Durham the residency brought together 32 international artists whose practices are stimulated by collaboration and working across borders.

Foreign Bodies was inspired by a mix of Mass Observation’s ‘science of ourselves’ and the NPIA (National Police Improvement Agency) forensic training facility at Harperley Hall in Wolsingham parish. Using evidence collection techniques based loosely on scientific methodology, the work involved the identification and quantification of materials, collection and classification of observations and specimens, mapping, and the creation of evidential imagery that formed the basis of a forensically inspired installation piece and an artist’s book.

Nomadic Village 2012 was lead by Klaus Mähring (directing artist) and produced by ISIS Arts (now known as D6:Culture In Transit). Participating artists included: Boris Duijneveld (NL), Charlotte Jackman (UK), Lindsay Duncanson/Marek Gabrysh/Lucas (UK), Peter Westman/Penka Mincheva (SE/BG), Sunyoung Kim (KR), Tadlachance (FR), Umi Baden-Powell (UK), Andrew and Caitlin Webb-Ellis (CA/UK), Wideyed (UK), Sharon Wilson (UK), Alison Brierley (UK), Katie Surridge/Jon Martyn (UK), Stuart McAdam (UK), Ursula Achternkamp (GE), Steve Ronnie (UK), Michael Vincent Manalo (PH), Margaret Sharrow (UK), Seeta Muller/Fabienne Khial (NZ/FR), Quindell Orton (AU), Schmiede