Lucy’s digital prototype of ‘Park’ being tested by the audience of GIFT in Windmill Hills Park, Gateshead © Colin Davison 2014


A series of performances and interventions were presented as part of GIFT 2014 on Friday 2 May | 8:30pm (duration 60mins) | Windmill Hills Park, Gateshead



Sean Cotterill

Lindsay Duncanson, Marek Gabrysch

Stephen Hobbs

Martin Hylton

Mariam Rezaei

Lucy Carolan & Richard Glynn / Wideyed


The Windmill Hills Superdream project is a series of artist commissions and an artist-led performative public event first shown for Gateshead International Festival of Theatre (GIFT) 2014 in Windmill Hills Park, Gateshead.

In the week running up to the launch of GIFT 2014, artists collaborated to make creative interventions in the park, interrogating ideas around the role art can play in public space. Artists used video projections, dance, audio and photography to spectacularly transform the park for one evening only.

Superdream connected two urban park spaces; Windmills Hills park (Gateshead, UK) and Jeppe Park (Johannesburg, South Africa) through a series of artists’ responses. Working with UK and South African based artists, Superdream explored urban living, ideas and uses of public space, and the role local communities can play in stabilising and redefining public cultural life.

Work produced for the Windmill Hills Park event were reshaped for exhibition for the Jeppe Park edition of Superdream in Johannesburg on 19th July 2014, and were shown alongside work produced by South African artists.

The Superdream project was commissioned by the British Council for their Connect ZA programme. The Windmill Hills Superdream event was a collaboration between The Trinity Session (Johannesburg), Swallows Foundation (Newcastle) and ISIS Arts (Newcastle). Superdream was produced by Swallows Foundation UK and ISIS Arts in the UK and The Trinity Session in Johannesburg. | | | |



Lucy and Richard working in Windmill Hills Park, Gateshead © Colin Davison 2014