Since ancient times, it’s been considered that wine reliably reveals a person’s character. For experimental natural wine producer François Blanchard, in vino veritas means remaining true to the character of the grape, respecting the integrity of this very complex fruit and skilfully drawing out its subtle aromas.

Each year the grapes are picked and pressed by hand and foot. The harvest is labour intensive, but also a festive event, with families, friends, musicians and artists from all around France and beyond coming together to make and celebrate wine.

Wideyed photographers Lucy Carolan, Richard Glynn and Louise Taylor took part in the 2010 and 2011 harvests as artists-in-residence at the Blanchard domaine of Château du Perron in the Touraine region of France. Their responses to the wine and way of life they experienced there have matured into In Vino Veritas, their first collective show in the UK.

The exhibition took place at ArtHouse in London, April 25th – May 6th 2012. A set of installation shots of the show can be found here, and the newsprint publication we produced for it can be viewed – and purchased – here.


In Vino Veritas from Lucy Carolan on Vimeo.

Wideyed would like to thank the following people for supporting In Vino Veritas:

Lynn & John Taylor, Vera Stephenson, Mike & Sharon Bridge, Sarah Badcock, Alison Taylor, Ann Hannan Kowalczuk and Nicole Pruneteau for supporting our fund-raising effort by buying Vino newspapers;

Mike & Claire Howard, Dave & Rose Elder, Kate & Gary Bolton and Cliff & Maria Oxley for conveniently having holiday homes close to Château du Perron and transporting the wine over for the private view;

Gary & Aleks Gorman for providing a barn big enough to refurbish frames on a rainy day;

Richard Hindle of Gallerina, Darlington, for kindly allowing us access to his printing facility;

Carol Jackson for baking such a fruity photography cake to serve at our opening;

Yvonne Simpson for taking in François and his family during their stay in London, and Steve Hill for donating a pram for them to use;

All the other lovely family and friends who put us up during our stay in London;

And finally, massive thanks are due to Francois and Karine, whose organic wines and way of life provided the inspiration for this exhibition.