‘Where are you going Mr Mahajan?’ was an outdoor installation element of BLINDBOYS WIDEYED, comprised of ten 120cm x 180cm posters (eight sequenced photos bracketed by two with text) arranged on billboards in Forth Lane, Newcastle, from 11th March – 10th April 2010.

Drawn from a larger series by Lenskap, the selected images depict scenes from the everyday life of an imaginary character, Mr Mahajan – just a working man, an anonymous everyman… with a twist.

Mr. Mahajan lives in the city.

He has a job, a car… likes a beer or two…

He knows all his neighbours… wants a girlfriend… but spends hours thinking fondly of his late pet dog ‘Bonny’…

Mr Mahajan is just an ordinary man.

And the last time he flew in a plane was in 1974.