from the series ‘Beasts of The Warren’ © Louise Taylor 2013

Beasts of The Warren was concieved for the Artists Trail at Auckland Castle, Bishop Auckland. It was installed in the grounds from 23rd May -23rd June 2013.

Inspired by the famous Great Chases led by the Prince Bishops of Durham, Beasts of the Warren explores contemporary deer stalking in and around Weardale, once the second largest hunting ground in England. The Bishops’ right to hunt large game, particularly deer, was a jealously guarded privilege, and ownership of hunting land, governed by Forest Law, provided economic power and social domination.

Unlike the pomp and pageantry of the Bishops’ Great Chases, contemporary deer stalking is so discrete that we rarely notice it.

Louise joined local deerstalkers (read about her first trip here) at dawn and dusk to create a gentle portrait of this highly skilled, quiet, solitary pursuit that requires an                                                                                                                 intimate knowledge of the land, stealth and hours of patience.

This was an opportunity to try a vinyl wrap material that is applied using heat. The material is very mallable when warm and can be molded/wrapped around corners following the lumps and bumps of the wall. This created the effect of the image and wall being one, blended together, mirroring the stealth and camoflauge of the deerstalker.

More photos of the installation can be found here