All Work and No Play

6 Feb - 14 Aug 2016, Grafters - Industrial society in image and word @ PHM. Demolition men, Newcastle. Jimmy Forsyth, 1956. Courtesy of Tyne and Wear Museums

All Work and No Play is an open submission exhibition showcasing the work of a selection of artists, photographers, poets and filmmakers who have responded to the themes and images of the current changing exhibition Grafters: Industrial society in image and word.

All Work and No Play includes works by Julie Edwards, Nat Wilkins, Steve Talbot, Huma Arshad Khaliq, Ian Vines, Mandy Rathbone and David Rogers, Lizzie King, Mei Yuk Wong, Julia Parks, Steve Judson, Bianca Cork, Nigel Slight, Digital Works, and Wideyed’s Lucy Carolan and Richard Glynn, who are showing the video element from their exhibition project Therblig.

5 March 2016 — 15 May 2016, 10:00 – 17:00

Velo Café Renaissance

Velo Café Renaissance was a short residency undertaken by Wideyed members Lucy Carolan and Richard Glynn, 17th – 24th October as part of the 2015 edition of lille3000, a 4 month long cultural bonanza that has been happening periodically in and around Lille since the city was selected as a European Capital of Culture in 2004.


For Velo Café Renaissance our host organisation in Lille was l’Entorse, an association that (in partnership with East Street Arts in Leeds and Vooruit in Ghent) is producing projects linking arts and sports, and they based our residency in Herlies, a large-ish rural village roughly 20km from Lille (but still falling within the Lille Métropole area) in the Nord Pas de Calais region of France.


Herlies is home to about 2000 inhabitants (mixture of established farmers and incoming city commuters) and a few small business – 2 cafés, 2 chip shops, a pharmacy, a butcher, a bakery, a Belgian beer specialist trading out of a single domestic garage, and (weirdly) a car sales showroom – with a school, a large care home for the elderly, plus the most amazing sports facilities (including a short course swimming pool) considering the small size of the population. Our home for the week was a startlingly horse-themed gîte on a farm a 20 minute walk away from the village centre. The area is palpably close to the Flemish-Belgian border – we’ve already mentioned the chips and beers, but there’s also a similar low, red brick architecture, cows grazing at the bottoms of gardens, broad landscape with big skies.

VeloCafe IMG_3195

Based on a previous work by us called Park – a contemporary reworking of the Victorian mutascope (better known as What The Butler Saw machines) – made with prints plus recycled bike parts, East Street Arts and l’Entorse had invited us to develop further bicycle-based photographic mechanisms in response to Herlies, and our first task on arrival was to find the necessary materials: in the neighbouring village of Marquillies there’s a fantastic place called Ressourcerie des Weppes, a recycling plant that has a symbiotic relationship with the local tip next door to it, and which was full of all kinds of rescued ‘treasure’ – from the knackered old bicycles we needed for our work, to… a pair of gold teeth, grisly discovery in the drawer of an abandoned bedside table.

VeloCafe IMG_3194

As our work required a lot of welding and grinding we needed an open but sheltered space with electricity, and the covered area in the village school playground Herlies Mairie arranged for us to use was perfect.

VeloCafe IMG_3246

In addition to doing our own residency work we also managed to fit in two afternoon workshops, one with a small group of Herlies OAPs from the village care home, the other with 30 kids aged 6-11 who helped us make a stop-frame photo animation and also had a go at creating their own hand drawn flipbooks.

VeloCafe IMG_3232

For the residency, l’Entorse paired us with Le Tourne Bride, one of the two Herlies cafés, and we shared the space with funky bicycle themed furniture (e.g. seats made with tensioned inner tubes – literally sitting somewhere between art and design) commissioned by Kraft, another Lille-based curatorial association. For our end of residency presentation on the evening of 24th October we projected video pieces produced in Herlies (one of ours plus the result of the kids workshop), and also presented two machines – a mutascope, and a zoetrope we somehow found the time to make.

In what was effectively 6 days (once you deduct workshop time), we actually did 2 weeks worth of work. It was so intense there was no time for the degree of engagement with place and people we would have preferred – no time even for reflection (or eating sometimes), and as such it felt more like a commission than a residency. There was no time to explore Lille or any of the other Renaissance lille3000 events and exhibitions either. But we came away with ideas for new works that we might not have had otherwise so it was definitely a worthwhile experience, and we would very much like to thank East Street Arts and l’Entorse for giving us that opportunity.


Wideyed Editions publish SHOOT!

It’s been a busy year for Wideyed but behind the scenes Louise has been beavering away making SHOOT!, a limited edition artists book published by Wideyed Editions . The handbound book brings together the photographs that were exhibited at Durham Art Gallery November 2013-January 2014, with game recipes donated by the shooting syndicate members.

SHOOT! is being launched at Durham Art Gallery on Friday 28th November, 6-8pm

Book Launch Flyer

The Journal Culture Awards 2013

We’re delighted to be named as one of the three finalists in the “Best Arts and Business Partnership” section of The Journal Culture Awards 2013 for ‘Therblig’. Realised in partnership with SCA at Prudhoe, this exhibition has been exhibited as part of FORMAT13 at the New Art Exchange, Nottingham and at  the Fuse Media Centre, Prudhoe.

More information including a list of all the finalists can be found here.tumblr_n1v5ekCS6C1qij2hqo1_500

Wideyed Periskop : Open Call


Wideyed Periskop

The Social:Encountering Photography



Call for submissions of work :   download a pdf version here or link with Wideyed’s open call ‘event’ page on Facebook here

Wideyed and Periskop are working together to bring a taste of the ‘Balkan Periskop experience’ to Sunderland Minster, Friday 1st November 2013 as part of North East Photography Network’s The Social:Encountering Photography.

The two collectives will together produce an event that combines projections of slideshows curated from Periskop’s impressive catalogue with those of photographers selected from this open call.

Photographers from the Balkan diaspora living in the UK and photographers whose work explores Balkan issues are invited to submit work for Wideyed Periskop. Slideshows corresponding to the theme ‘The Social’ are also of particular interest.

From submissions, Wideyed and Periskop will together curate a programme of slideshows to present work as part of the event. Images submitted should form part of a coherent body of work.

Deadline:  Sunday 13th October.


Wideyed Periskop – SUBMISSION DETAILS:

The average duration of each slideshow is 4-5 mins.

Send us a zipped folder with 30 images. Include a short bio of yourself and an introduction of the work you are showing. The images should be 1400pixels on the highest  side, saved as JPEGs and should be named with the photographer’s  initial_ surname and sequentially numbered in the order they will appear (example: j_smith_01.jpg , j_smith_02.jpg , j_smith_03.jpg …)

Or, if your work is in a multimedia piece format send us your piece of 30 images, including a short bio and an introduction of the work you are showing. It can include music, field recording/ narration/ interview, or a mix. Please save in a video format playable in Quicktime. Movies should be saved with the photographer’s initial_surname_title (for example,

NB. As the event is taking place in a Minster, slideshows containing material inappropriate to a religious setting (obscene etc) cannot be considered for selection.

  • Please indicate in your submission if you are available to attend the evening slideshow event in Sunderland on 1st November 2013.

Submissions and further enquiries should be sent to

Deadline:  Sunday 13th October.


Wideyed Periskop  – TERMS & CONDITIONS

Photographers submitting their work for Wideyed Periskop retain sole ownership and all rights of their submitted images.

By submitting work to Wideyed for the Wideyed Periskop slideshow, photographers affirm that their submitted photographs are original works made by them, free from any third party rights, in particular that under no circumstances does it constitute, whether entirely or in parts, any infringement upon the intellectual property rights or any other rights of third parties, and where necessary that any persons depicted in the submitted images have consented to their distribution and display with no remuneration of any kind being payable to them.

Wideyed and Periskop will project as slideshows the work submitted by selected photographers as part of the Wideyed Periskop event that will take place at Sunderland Minister, on the evening of 1st November 2013 only. Work not selected for the Wideyed Periskop event on the evening of 1st November 2013 will not be used in any way.

In submitting work to the Wideyed Periskop slideshow, photographers grant Wideyed, Periskop and NEPN (North East Photography Network) permission for limited non-commercial usage of these for the sole and direct purpose of publicising the Wideyed Periskop slideshow only, via the internet, press (i.e. exhibition listings, reviews), and promotional print (i.e. exhibition posters, flyers, invitations).

By submitting work to Wideyed Periskop, photographers are deemed to have accepted these conditions.



Therblig and Photo Sales

FORMAT13 Photo Market preparations
FORMAT13 Photo Market preparations

Wideyed are heading to Derby next week for Format International Photography Festival. In addition to Therblig, new work by Richard Glynn and Lucy Carolan (currently being printed – eeeeek!) we will be setting up our stall at FORMATs’ Photo Market.

As well as taking orders for larger prints we will be bringing with us a selection of smaller framed prints using recycled frames from charity shops, photo badges, used (and unusual) camera equipment and our recent publication ‘In Vino Veritas’ ……with a few Wideyed suprises to boot.

The Photo Market in Derbys Victorian Market Hall is open 0900-1700 8th, 9th, 10th March.

In Vino In Paris

Just a quick reminder… In Vino Veritas will be open from 10am today!

Francois Blanchard, the winemaker and subject of our exhibition will be joining us at the preview this Wednesday evening and if this isn’t exciting enough we also have cake! and not just any cake, its one of Lucy’s mum’s infamous fruit cakes!

We are all in Paris until the 26th so get in touch if you would like to meet us.