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In Vino In Print

If you are unable to make it over to Paris to see In Vino Veritas at Mois de la Photo-OFF then don’t worry! Because, earlier this year we published these newspapers. For £10.50 + p&p you can have a copy posted right to your door!

Scroll through the pages here

You can save postage of course by arranging to meet us in Paris! We will be there until 26th November

London / Paris


Well, its been a while….are you still there?!!

OK, to get you up to speed, here’s 2012 to date…

In Vino Veritas, Arthouse, Lewisham, April 25th-May 6th 2012

Well, in April, In Vino Veritas, our first collective show (of only our work) opened at Arthouse in London. The private view did not disappoint, with a healthy turnout, the subject of our show in attendance with his family and his wine, an impromptu music performance and a cake that got as much attention as our photographs. (it seems no-one outside the north-east has seen photos printed onto sugar paper!) You can see more about it here.

We returned from London, then, hitting the ground running we took part in International Arts Residency, Nomadic Village 2012. It just so happened that the residency was on our doorstep……..but hey, international artists have to live somewhere! With borrowed accommodation, a caravan with swanky awning for Richard and Lucy, and a 1968 VW camper for me……we enjoyed the only sunny week of the year, tested out Richards ‘office in a van’ complete with standard lamp,  collaborated with NPIA, a forensic training centre resulting in 20 kids and a journalist dressing up as CSI’s and combing the site for evidence of travel, and made new work entitled Foreign Bodies.

Students searching for evidence of travel at Nomadic Village under the watchful eye of NPIA instructor, Phil Grieveson. Some evidence collected was used in our Foreign Bodies installation.

You can read more here. Foreign Bodies was then reconfigured, using forensic evidence bags into a touring format, and joined our Captain Klaus on a tour through Europe back to Austria.

Meanwhile…..elsewhere in May……our 2011 work for Collectives Encounter was invited to stroll over to Poland for FOTOFESTIWAL 2012 in LODZ. The multimedia piece created as part of Re:Mapping The Flaneur was shown at The Collective Space alongside Sputnik Photos, NOOR, TerraProject and Verso, the latter two collectives coincidentally contributed to our original Flanerie.

So, catching up now……..and there’s still time to see this……Richard’s Lost Waltz , an outdoor installation curated by Wideyed and Human Endeavour is showing at the Brighton Photo Fringe and has been extended until 27th November.

Richard Glynn's Lost Waltz at The North Lawn, St Peters Church for Brighton Photo Fringe

Finally, and more on this in a bit. In Vino Veritas is heading to Paris! ……..very soon….




Things have been pretty quiet around here for several months now, and for good reason – we’ve been really busy.

For example, not long after the previous post we were accepted on ERDF funded training at Teesside University’s DigitalCity, and in December began learning how to set up and run a new WP website with the very patient and multi-talented Steve Thompson.

Steve is also Cultural Ambassador in Teesside for the Independent Republic of Užupis, and in January introduced us to the Minister of Foreign Affairs for Užupis, Tomasz Czepaitis, during his brief visit. I had a visa stamped in my passport, and I’m looking forward to using it sometime.

Anyway, thanks to Steve we now have a spanky new website. We haven’t had much time to play with it yet, so for the moment it’s not much more interesting than the previous site – except it has this integrated blog, which is just what we always wanted!

And things are about to get even busier for Wideyed, as we have an exhibition and an international residency coming up fast… And we’ve some other news too, but hey, let’s spread it out a bit 😉

Back soon!

France redux

Well, here we go again – like this time last year, Wideyed are heading back to France.

It won’t be exactly the same as last year though. This time we’re taking some newspapers. Loosely inspired by Rob Hornstra’s ‘On the Other Side of the Mountains‘, with some of our 2010 images we’ve put together a newspaper that we hope will also work as a newsprint exhibition.

I’ve been obsessing about newsprint since January 2009, so it’s about time we finally found a good reason (and the means) to use Newspaper Club. Our newspapers are 64 page monsters but there are only 10 copies – two are for our archive, two will be somehow hung as an exhibition at the château where we’ll be in residence again, and the other six? Not sure. We may just drop them in local cafés and sneaky photograph people looking at them. Or something.

Wideyed has also just invested in a projector that has a pretty decent throw. We think we might be able to use the façade of the château as a screen. When we mentioned this to François (our host), he instantly requested anything Wallace and Gromit, so we might be doing a bit of impromptu open air cinema too.

And who knows what else might happen?

Back early October!

Cheers, Lucy

Mapping the Re:Mapping

Will this be the final post about our and ASA Collective’s adventures with Mapping and Re:Mapping Flâneurs?

The Newcastle Arts Centre exhibition ended on Saturday, and Wideyed took it down on Monday. Some lovely comments had been left on the blank index cards in the filing cabinet, for example:

A most delightful journey!

Great, but it feels like it needs to ‘grow’… The rolls need to keep unfurling.

The Flâneur, today this is me. Interesting to see what the rest of the world is up to, much sadness but some bright spots.

Inspiring use of technology, brilliant photography, very brave approach!

A fantastic concept concisely and attractively articulated through exhibition. Brings fantastic images from many countries into a cohesive, imaginative and thought provoking whole. Nice!

Someone even did a little drawing for us! But my personal favourite is “It’s awe-inspipiring – Oliver, age 10

Anyway, while the exhibition was up we filmed as well as photographed it, and we also shot some footage of the private view on 24th July, which we’ve finally got round to editing and posting here.

It really has been an adventure. Many thanks again to everyone who shared it with us.

Re:Mapping the Flâneur on show now

ASA Collective joined us in Newcastle on Monday so we could all hang our collaborative exhibition, ‘Re:Mapping the Flâneur’, ready for it to open yesterday.

The show comprises three of the 40m long prints made during ‘Mapping the Flâneur’ at Derby in March 2011: in the installation shot below, you can see one of these running around the wall on the left, with the other two hanging along the centre. On the remaining wall (below right and above) is a 13m long print we made especially for the exhibition: this has a reprint of the last 40 images sent to us for the Derby installation, followed by 20 mock index cards, one for each participating collective, that include the names and logos of each collective and their photographers, websites and other useful information. These ‘cards’ (see above top right) also show the location of each collective, and they’re all arranged for the print in the order of timezones (i.e. GMT in the centre, the Americas on the far left through western Europe and Africa to eastern Europe on the far right).

More installation shots can be found here, and practical information, including the invitation to the private view (6pm on 24th June 2011) can be found here.

The exhibition closes 5pm on Saturday 25th June. Come and see it!