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In Vino In Print

If you are unable to make it over to Paris to see In Vino Veritas at Mois de la Photo-OFF then don’t worry! Because, earlier this year we published these newspapers. For £10.50 + p&p you can have a copy posted right to your door!

Scroll through the pages here

You can save postage of course by arranging to meet us in Paris! We will be there until 26th November

London / Paris


Well, its been a while….are you still there?!!

OK, to get you up to speed, here’s 2012 to date…

In Vino Veritas, Arthouse, Lewisham, April 25th-May 6th 2012

Well, in April, In Vino Veritas, our first collective show (of only our work) opened at Arthouse in London. The private view did not disappoint, with a healthy turnout, the subject of our show in attendance with his family and his wine, an impromptu music performance and a cake that got as much attention as our photographs. (it seems no-one outside the north-east has seen photos printed onto sugar paper!) You can see more about it here.

We returned from London, then, hitting the ground running we took part in International Arts Residency, Nomadic Village 2012. It just so happened that the residency was on our doorstep……..but hey, international artists have to live somewhere! With borrowed accommodation, a caravan with swanky awning for Richard and Lucy, and a 1968 VW camper for me……we enjoyed the only sunny week of the year, tested out Richards ‘office in a van’ complete with standard lamp,  collaborated with NPIA, a forensic training centre resulting in 20 kids and a journalist dressing up as CSI’s and combing the site for evidence of travel, and made new work entitled Foreign Bodies.

Students searching for evidence of travel at Nomadic Village under the watchful eye of NPIA instructor, Phil Grieveson. Some evidence collected was used in our Foreign Bodies installation.

You can read more here. Foreign Bodies was then reconfigured, using forensic evidence bags into a touring format, and joined our Captain Klaus on a tour through Europe back to Austria.

Meanwhile…..elsewhere in May……our 2011 work for Collectives Encounter was invited to stroll over to Poland for FOTOFESTIWAL 2012 in LODZ. The multimedia piece created as part of Re:Mapping The Flaneur was shown at The Collective Space alongside Sputnik Photos, NOOR, TerraProject and Verso, the latter two collectives coincidentally contributed to our original Flanerie.

So, catching up now……..and there’s still time to see this……Richard’s Lost Waltz , an outdoor installation curated by Wideyed and Human Endeavour is showing at the Brighton Photo Fringe and has been extended until 27th November.

Richard Glynn's Lost Waltz at The North Lawn, St Peters Church for Brighton Photo Fringe

Finally, and more on this in a bit. In Vino Veritas is heading to Paris! ……..very soon….



So we all got back from France about three weeks ago, took some time for a breather, and then last Sunday met up again to debrief, start going through the images we’d brought back, and begin planning our next moves.

This was the second year in a row we were artists-in-residence at Château du Perron, and taking back with us some kind of exhibition, so we could show people the work we did the year before, seemed a good idea, but why a newsprint exhibition? As well as wanting to try out Newspaper Club, we figured we needed something that was relatively quick and inexpensive to produce, easy to transport, and that could be hung almost anywhere without much fuss, so newsprint seemed to fit the bill. The fact that the exhibition also worked well as a publication was a bonus.

We had a lot of fun with it too (and these are just a few of the pictures we took of it, there are more on Facebook and Flickr). The exhibition it was originally intended for was hung in front of giant wine barrels in a different part of the same working barn we exhibited in last year. Richard played with it outside, pegging it out on the château’s washing line. I photographed Richard with it on the terrasse of a café in the neighbouring town of Richelieu. And we offered a copy as a prize in the château tombola – the lady flicking through it in the picture below was the winner.

As I wrote previous post, we had just ten copies printed. Two were used for the exhibition. One was a tombola prize. We sold three, gave two as gifts, and left one as a promo with the gallerist we met with when we went to Paris. So we only have one left… About a week ago we showed it to someone whose judgement we trust, and they gave us some very positive feedback, so we’re now seriously considering reprinting and making the copies available to buy – we need to fundraise for our exhibition in London somehow, might selling newspapers help?

The problem is that Wideyed doesn’t have the funds to finance another print run of any size. The only way we can afford to re-edition the newspaper is to take pre-orders. We’re not sure how to successfully go about doing that… but while we’re mulling it over the newspaper is available to view online at

Our exhibition, ‘In Vino Veritas’, will run from 25th April – 5th May 2012 at Art House in London, with a preview event on 27th April (times TBC). We’ve got six months to prepare and we’ve got lots of ideas about what kind of exhibition it could be, so we’ll be talking about it more here as things progress.

Meanwhile, if anyone has any thoughts or advice about selling newspapers, or would just like to buy one even, please let us know!

Cheers, Lucy