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The Journal Culture Awards 2013

We’re delighted to be named as one of the three finalists in the “Best Arts and Business Partnership” section of The Journal Culture Awards 2013 for ‘Therblig’. Realised in partnership with SCA at Prudhoe, this exhibition has been exhibited as part of FORMAT13 at the New Art Exchange, Nottingham and at  the Fuse Media Centre, Prudhoe.

More information including a list of all the finalists can be found here.tumblr_n1v5ekCS6C1qij2hqo1_500

AKA Tinkerbell

On New Years Eve, Yasmina Reggad, our curator, blogged her wishes, one of which was that ours and ASA’s ACE application would be successful.

Ever since, she’s continually assured us that everything would be OK, we’d surely get it, any day now…

And the good news that we have been awarded a grant for Mapping the Flâneur arrived yesterday! Thank you ACE!

And Yasmina, our thanks to you too.

Good news!

Wideyed have been awarded a NAN (Networking Artists’ Networks) ‘Go and See’ bursary 2010.

Launched in 2004, the NAN initiative supports and advocates for artist-led professional and critical development. Through its small-scale ‘Go and See’ bursary programme, NAN supports travel between artists’ groups and networks in the UK or elsewhere, enabling research, peer dialogue and critical exchange.

Wideyed will use its bursary to visit like minded photography collective Belgrade Raw in Serbia in order to initiate research and discussion about a possible creative partnership.

All of us at Wideyed will take part in the trip, which should happen sometime in the autumn.

More news later, when the arrangements are made.

Meanwhile, YAY!