Wideyed Periskop : Open Call


Wideyed Periskop

The Social:Encountering Photography



Call for submissions of work :   download a pdf version here or link with Wideyed’s open call ‘event’ page on Facebook here

Wideyed and Periskop are working together to bring a taste of the ‘Balkan Periskop experience’ to Sunderland Minster, Friday 1st November 2013 as part of North East Photography Network’s The Social:Encountering Photography.

The two collectives will together produce an event that combines projections of slideshows curated from Periskop’s impressive catalogue with those of photographers selected from this open call.

Photographers from the Balkan diaspora living in the UK and photographers whose work explores Balkan issues are invited to submit work for Wideyed Periskop. Slideshows corresponding to the theme ‘The Social’ are also of particular interest.

From submissions, Wideyed and Periskop will together curate a programme of slideshows to present work as part of the event. Images submitted should form part of a coherent body of work.

Deadline:  Sunday 13th October.


Wideyed Periskop – SUBMISSION DETAILS:

The average duration of each slideshow is 4-5 mins.

Send us a zipped folder with 30 images. Include a short bio of yourself and an introduction of the work you are showing. The images should be 1400pixels on the highest  side, saved as JPEGs and should be named with the photographer’s  initial_ surname and sequentially numbered in the order they will appear (example: j_smith_01.jpg , j_smith_02.jpg , j_smith_03.jpg …)

Or, if your work is in a multimedia piece format send us your piece of 30 images, including a short bio and an introduction of the work you are showing. It can include music, field recording/ narration/ interview, or a mix. Please save in a video format playable in Quicktime. Movies should be saved with the photographer’s initial_surname_title (for example, j_smith_projectname.mov).

NB. As the event is taking place in a Minster, slideshows containing material inappropriate to a religious setting (obscene etc) cannot be considered for selection.

  • Please indicate in your submission if you are available to attend the evening slideshow event in Sunderland on 1st November 2013.

Submissions and further enquiries should be sent to info@wideyed.org

Deadline:  Sunday 13th October.


Wideyed Periskop  – TERMS & CONDITIONS

Photographers submitting their work for Wideyed Periskop retain sole ownership and all rights of their submitted images.

By submitting work to Wideyed for the Wideyed Periskop slideshow, photographers affirm that their submitted photographs are original works made by them, free from any third party rights, in particular that under no circumstances does it constitute, whether entirely or in parts, any infringement upon the intellectual property rights or any other rights of third parties, and where necessary that any persons depicted in the submitted images have consented to their distribution and display with no remuneration of any kind being payable to them.

Wideyed and Periskop will project as slideshows the work submitted by selected photographers as part of the Wideyed Periskop event that will take place at Sunderland Minister, on the evening of 1st November 2013 only. Work not selected for the Wideyed Periskop event on the evening of 1st November 2013 will not be used in any way.

In submitting work to the Wideyed Periskop slideshow, photographers grant Wideyed, Periskop and NEPN (North East Photography Network) permission for limited non-commercial usage of these for the sole and direct purpose of publicising the Wideyed Periskop slideshow only, via the internet, press (i.e. exhibition listings, reviews), and promotional print (i.e. exhibition posters, flyers, invitations).

By submitting work to Wideyed Periskop, photographers are deemed to have accepted these conditions.